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the cry of an Angel

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Sometimes in the middle of nowhere an Angel forgets his origins. He then finds himself craving for the very essence he's made of. Can't see for him, she can just love him and keep on loving him.
Here's a poem her partner in love wrote:

"Time is so cruel and life is so hard. nothing but a endless strugle and fight. no room to stay alive. Here i wait and shake and quake wondering were is my life who am i, am realy alive or is this nothing but a sickining designe perging me into a constante sad repitition of life.I havent felt alive for somtime but there is somthing that keeps me concios in this mizerable excistence. I havent lost myself yet i try not to 4get. Sadness...Lonelyness....Isolation...disintigration..... this is how one wuold describe my excistence. My Soul Is Dieng!
Missing hallf of myself on the other realm....
Were ar eyou....My Beloved...My Angel...My Spirit...My Missing HeartBeat.
I cant survive without u. My Soul SCREAMS for u! and my heart aches for u. even the escnece of my shadows weep. The once cruel thoughts have even beun to miss u! Were are u... my love... my.... other half,,,, my spiritual escence come back to me. Masake me whole... dont let me dicentigrate anymore... plz.. come to me.... Love me once more."
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