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The great unknown

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She needed to get in touch with herself once more and she did, and again something new was revealed to her on her mind.

"What is my true identy? What is the I AM presence?

The I AM presence is the Great unknown. Cannot be explained, can't be seen, heard, felt, touch or even imagined. It is simply beyond the mind. So if you think you've seen the great unknown, or felt it, or touched it, or smelled it... you are wrong, because all these are creations of the mind; and God (The I AM presence) is beyond the mind. So nothing that comes from mind itself can be it. It is beyond words, concepts, definitions, images, feelings. Meaning that if you think you've arrived at nirvana, as long as you can define it, or even notice it, you havent arrived.

Everything that you see, comes from the mind, everything that you know comes from the intellect, nothing is new with your mind, theres no freshness. Everything you know, you know by association. In other words you dont know things truly, you classified them by association. You create your world by association. Nothing is new. Same old is your mind. Once your mind stops thinking, feeling, creating out of imagination, then you'll find the I AM presence.

It cant be explained because only the mind can explain things, and of course this is beyond mind. Beyond humaness. So everytime you think you saw, felt, heard God, remember it is the great unknowable and that is just your mind trying to cope with something greater than itself. Trying to explain the unexplainable. Trying to find logic in something that is beyond logic."
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