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Something different on the inside

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...something is happenining , she cannot exactly tell what it is but she can feel it, sense it, just like animals sense a rainy weather. She calls it a transformation just to put a label on it but she knows she cant describe it with words. Whatever it is she is sensing, its coming from the inside, and all she knows is that she loves it and that she IS ready for it!

she smiles at the fact that this "transformation" feels like a movie story where the protagonist is an ordinary girl, boring life, nothing out of the blue, bookworm, lives with her mother, always hangs out with her mother, no friends, feels comfortable alone, doesnt bother not having friends around, doesnt feel scared of loneliness. She doesnt complain about her life either, although her mother does it frequently. It looks like she feels fine with whatever it is that life puts in front of her, most of the time. When she is around friends, it takes a while for her to open up to them, the lucky ones that have patience and time get to see her in her radiance at last, joking and laughing with her. After all thats the only reason why she opens up to people; to bring a good time.

Anyway this aparently quiet girl has read a lot of books on the spiritual meaning of life and other similar subjects. She is always felt in her heart of hearts that she is not from this planet but once she's kept it to herself not to scare others. One day she begins to feel different like something big is happening inside her. Like she is giving birth to something she cant see, nor describe but feels different and exciting to her. Maybe she will have "superpowers", or be different like from another world and keep it secret from those who are not ready to know about it yet. ooh fascinating.

Whatever it is I embrace it.
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